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My name is Richard Larson and welcome to my web site. I am a commercial artist who focus is on 3D and I am currently working in the video game industry. My recent focuses have been in character, outsourcing, pipelines, and shaders/materials/textures, though I have work in many other aspects of 3D.


Prior to the video game work, I worked for several years in advertising and broadcast TV, at a post production house.  Most of the time was doing commercial, TV openers, and company in-house videos. With those projects I learned a lot about lighting, compositing, virtual camera work, particle effect, post effect, rigging, and basic animation. 


When I have free time I really enjoy drawing and painting, and feel it is really good for a 3D artist to spend time conceptualizing on good old-fashioned paper. Also, it's just plain fun, and in the end, that is why I started this career. We as artists get to create images out of whimsy, mold a reality from what we take in, and project it to world through the lenses of our personalities and abilities.


If you would like to get more work history information on me view my resume, or would simply like to talk to me about my work feel free to email me.

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